Wiring Now on to the Electrical system, simply hook the pump up to a 12 VDC supply with (+Battery) to (+Pump) and (-Battery) to (- Pump). A minimum #10 American wire gauge (AWG) wire is recommended. Usually (+) terminals are RED and (–) are BLACK. D.C. wire runs require substantially thick wiring, don’t skimp! Keep electrical leads heavy and as short as possible. Built into the pump is a fuse, 20 AMP slow blow. Never replace it with one of a higher value! The typical draw from the motor is 5-7 AMPs under the typical load. Wiring is the same as plumbing, the bigger, shorter wires the better!
The pump has an optional float switch. Note that the switch has 3 positions: up-on, center-off, and down-auto.
If your pump is strictly manual with no auto switch, simply use the on-off positions. Note that the MANUAL ON lamp will light and will stay lit as long as the motor is running. If you use the float option you will have access to auto operation. Note that you’ll still be able to switch it in MANUAL at any time. The pump uses an internal relay to assure full power to the motor regardless of the length and AWG of the float switch wires. When using the device in the auto position, the auto light will stay lit. The MANUAL ON light will come on only when the pump is running. Note that if you are switching from MANUAL ON to AUTO or AUTO to MANUAL ON you should pause in the off position long enough for the lights to go out completely! When the power is shut off to the motor and the motor hasn’t completely stopped turning it will act as a generator and back feed for a few seconds to illuminate the lights. No harm will be done, but I’ve found the relay sometimes stays closed and the AUTO feature doesn’t work. Simply allow a few seconds for the lights to extinguish.
The reason for the relay is that the float switch wires may get quite long, and you don’t want to feed the motor through such a long wire. When the pump is running MANUAL ON the relay is bypassed in the circuit. During AUTO ON the motor power is controlled by heavy duty contacts inside the relay and minimizes the length of wire the motor power has to run through. The float switch wires simply carry power to activate the relay so you can use much longer, thinner wires.
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