WARNINGS 1. NEVER restrict the outlet flow! 2. NEVER run the pump from anything other than 12 volts DC.
3. NEVER reverse the polarity of your wiring. Positive of the power source must go to positive of the pump. (Note that if the polarity is reversed, the pump will run, but the fan and lights will not operate).
4. NEVER run the pump dry. The neoprene piston cups will wear rapidly without water which acts as a lubricant. 5. NEVER pump anything other than clean water. Even though the device will pump less than pristine water, doing so will wear the internal members. Remember, this is NOT a trash pump. 6. Treating it respectfully will be ensured that the pump will maintain its performance for many years. 7. NEVER use a fuse with larger capacity than a 20 AMP slow blow. 8. NEVER pump oils or oily water. Oils will degrade the PVC parts.
9. NEVER plug anything other than an on / off switch into the AUX INPUT receptacle. This receptacle is not designed to power the pump or to power other devices.
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