Valves There are 4 valves in this pump; all 4 are identical except for their orientation. They all act as CHECK VALVES. They are behind the intake and discharge manifolds. To access them remove the eight 10-32 socket head cap screws that attach the manifolds to the pump chambers. The intake valves head inward toward the pump chambers, the discharge head outward toward the discharge manifolds. The pump itself acts as a check valve but as stated earlier, you should back this up with a foot valve, or at least another check valve right at the well head. If you find that the pump isn’t holding vacuum when it’s shut off then you probably have a foreign body holding one of the valves open, particularly one of the intake valves. When reinstalling the manifolds be EXTREMELY CAREFUL NOT TO OVERTIGHTEN!!!! Snug those 10-32 screws up evenly, tighten each a little at a time. All that’s required is that the manifold be pulled up to the pump head. The female threads in the pump head have HeliCoils installed, but that doesn’t mean they won’t pull out! The silicone O-rings are soft, pliable, and won’t leak. Make sure they’re positioned correctly so they don’t get pinched. Again, be careful not to over tighten!!!
Here are shown O-rings and spacer and the front and back of a valve. When assembling the valve into the pump head do so in this order: 1) O-ring
2) Valve (note orientation)
3) Spacer
4) O-ring Be sure to position the top O-ring carefully in the bore so it’s not pinched when the manifold goes on. MAKE SURE NOT TO OVER TIGHTEN THE 10-32 SCREWS ON THE MANIFOLDS!!!
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