Technical Data
1) The SN3 weighs 28 lbs 2) The SN3 draws 5 amps 5 x 12 volts=60 watts 3) The SN3 will pump 5-7 gallons a minute 4) The SN3 will lift water 25 ft. @ sea level Some attractive things about the SN3… 1) Easy hookup for inlet / discharge hoses 2) Easy hookup of the power source 3) Easy hookup of float switch 4) A built in Vacuum gage to help monitor the pump performance 5) Will tolerate less than pristine water 6) Quiet operation 7) Light weight, a portable 28 LBS 8) Drain ports on the bottom of the pump chambers 9) Priming ports on the top of the pump chambers 10) All of the parts that come into contact with water are PCV, Brass, Stainless Steel, or Neoprene. All are non- toxic and corrosion resistant. You won’t have rusty water as you get when using cast iron pumps. 11) Serviceable and replaceable valves and piston cups 12) Proudly made in Middleborough, MA, USA!
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