Lift The SN3 is run in for 24 hours before shipping in a “burn in” session to ascertain functionality. After the burn in, the pump is checked with a vacuum gage. The pumps generate AT LEAST 22” of vacuum. See Chart 1 and you will see that this translates into 25’ of lift. In comparison, the typical pitcher pump is doing well to be able to “pull” from 20’ down. 22 feet of lift is about the best you will ever get from these manual pumps. Note that suction type water pumps pull from almost any distance horizontally (add 1 foot to depth of water for every 50 feet of horizontal pipe distance). Also, for every 1000’ of elevation, add 1’ to pipe depth. Chart 1 shows the amount of vertical lift sucked into the pump. (before pump)

Pump Vacuum

Feet of lift

Chart 1
Chart 2 shows the amount of vertical lift per PSI discharged from the pump. (after pump)
Chart 2
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