Pump Discharge Piping System  NEVER restrict the discharge line with too small a hose/pipe, valves, pressure tanks, etc. This is a positive displacement pump. Because water is incompressible, if the discharge line is restricted you will put great strains on the mechanism. Note that if you closed the suction line completely you will not hurt the pump, as long as it’s for 30 seconds or less. Any longer than that and you chance wearing the cylinder cups because of a lack of lubrication (of course this lubrication is the water that the pump usually has running through it). On the other hand, if you were to close the discharge line you will stall the pump immediately with possible damage resulting. Remember, the bigger the discharge line, the better, ¾” diameter minimum recommend. The longer the discharge line, the larger diameter you should be using.
Listed below are the fundamental requirements for a discharge piping system. Piping should not be smaller than pump discharge connection, and should: -Be as short and direct as possible
-Be 1 to 2 sizes larger than pump discharge connection with increasers used at pump.
-Contain a minimum number of turns. Accomplish any necessary turns with long radius elbows or laterals.
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