Auxiliary Input
This Auxiliary Input port is used in conjunction with main switch. The main switch needs to be in the AUTO ON position to utilize it.
The pump is internally wired to accept run commands from an auxiliary source. Just plug your 2 wire open / closed (on / off) device into the AUX INPUT port. It’s recommended that you use a marine grade 12 VOLT PLUG with lock points and a moisture proof sealing ring. This input device will usually be a float switch to control the water level in the tank the pump is filling. Alternately, it could be used for a pressure switch, but this pump is not designed to be a pressure pump, it’s designed to be a SUCTION pump. If you do use it for pressure don’t exceed 20 PSI. The pump is wired FAIL SAFE, so if the plug is pulled out of the socket the pump will stop. The center post of the receptacle is +12 volts and when the input device closes the circuit it brings the internal relay coil to ground. NEVER PLUG ANYTHING OTHER THAN AN ON /OFF SWITCH INTO THIS RECEPTACLE!!! IT’S NOT MADE TO POWER THE PUMP OR TO POWER OTHER DEVICES!!!
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