About Red Rock 5 L.L.C. Out on “The Neck” there are no town electric or water services. Back “in the day,” in order to get well water you either pumped it by hand, brought in a gas operated pump, or an electric pump ran off of a gas powered generator. With the advent of solar and wind power we now have limited 12 VDC (VOLTS DIRECT CURRENT) and 110 VAC (VOLTS ALTERNATING CURRENT). Running devices right from 12 VDC is by far the most efficient method. My Father-in-Law had an antique (1950’s) pump that fit the bill. It was a small, but heavy, double acting, positive displacement pump. I found a 12 volt motor and ran it from that. The SN3 is based on this type of pump. I started experimenting with pumps, and what you have here in SN3 is the Sandy Neck 3rd generation pump. Small, portable, and robust! The pumping parts of this device are made solely of corrosion resistant materials, stainless steel, PVC plastic, neoprene and silicone rubbers, and Teflon packing. Because of this you can pump both fresh and salt water! Avoid oily waters, such as from boat bilges, oils attack PVC.
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